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Emma Kelly


Originally part of a collective contribution from illustration agency Handsome Frank.

Emma Kelly started by drawing things onto a wall behind her parent’s sofa, aged two years old. Her drawings are unusual and attractive, displaying her intuitive skill of drawing and use of colour. She knows what to leave in or what to leave out, along with when and where to draw the line – quite literally. As a result, Emma’s illustrations have a unique character, be it a portrait, street scene, or box of washing powder, and the ability to inject appeal into any subject matter no matter how everyday or unusual.

Handsome Frank is an illustration agency, representing some of the finest contemporary artists on the planet. They promote and manage the creative talents of a very select group of illustrators and visual artists, overseeing projects from conception to completion.

External links: iliketodrawthings.com / handsomefrank.com

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items