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Richard J. Kirk was born in 1974 in Monclova, Mexico. In 2002, after studying Communication Design at Kinston University and Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, and a failed attempt at becoming a beach bum, he set up the design partnership Onepom. At Onepom he worked on a range of sports projects for the World Sports group, Parallel Media, American Express, and Evian. In 2005 he consulted on the Signature brand for Harrods, developing a range of products including the character Snooty which became a leading product line. During his time with the studio he also worked on IPO brochures, annual reports and brand applications for companies and private banks within the City of London, charitable work for Treloar’s, and The Lord Mayor’s Appeal. In 2013 after a 3 year hiatus from the design world he founded the design consultancy Manikato. Working as an independent, multi-disciplinary designer, Richard splits his time consulting with both public and private sectors on a variety of national and international projects. The practice produces print, screen and three- dimensional graphics for publishing, marketing, press, exhibition, events, retail product development and brand applications. He is a retained creative consultant within the retail sector, and creative director at the charitable foundation Musique Sans Frontières. When not working Richard can be found in his garden looking after his collection of Mentheae (Mints).

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