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Educalux, Atelier télescopique


The iconic French toy brand Educalux from the the 60s and 70s was reborn in 2016 with a range of furniture and decorative items of unique and quirky quality that bring a sense of humour into each room. In the mid 50’s, the family’s company originally specialised in the lacquered wood common toys. The French manufacturing’s quality as well as the objects’ robustness, contributed to the fame of Educalux. Thanks to 10 years of vast experience, the designers and the bargain hunters of the Atelier télescopique re-interpreted the visual language of Educalux in a pop and playful range – including these lovely button badges for Stereohype.

Atelier télescopique is a collective of designers founded in 1998 and based in Lille, France. From typeface design to spacial design and product design – Atelier télescopique’s is characterised by the eclecticism of its production. "Whatever the application field of the design, questioning, exchange and further consideration are essential prerequisites for seeking relevant answers." Ainsi Font is their independent digital typeface foundry and font online shop.

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Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items