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Daniel Koh


Daniel studied Advertising Design but eventually found his work veering towards Graphic Design. Prior to joining Green House Design Singapore as Art Director, he has worked predominantly with print design at various design agencies. Besides commissioned work, Daniel sets aside time to engage in collaborative and non-commissioned projects with local and overseas designers. These projects give him the creative freedom to interpret and explore his own form of visual language. His AmateurProvokateur moniker expresses how his work, rudimentary or otherwise, attempts to provoke a myriad of emotions, to the onlooker. 'Mixed Messages' online showcases his various commercial and non-commercial print work and an ongoing design profile section. Till this day, it has brought together a diverse group of creative individuals and collectives around the world, documenting their various ideas and motivations behind their work. Daniel is also part of the news crew over at k10k and DB-DB, two renowned design community news portals representing the East and West respectively.

External links: unit-studio.com / amateurprovokateur.com / k10k.net / db-db.com

Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items