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Gavin Lucas is a writer and editor with over ten years’ experience of publishing content across multiple platforms both on and offline. Formerly a senior writer at leading communication arts journal Creative Review, he has authored books that have been published in multiple language editions on guerrilla advertising, button badges and BMX bikes. Lucas is a co-founder of illustration agency Outline Artists and is currently working on a host of self-initiated and freelance projects across a range of different media, for a gamut of different clients and publications.

Gavin wrote the book Button Badge Pin (Laurence King) that also featured Stereohype, and also kindly penned the introduction of our self-published book Stereohype 2004–2014. He commissioned us to create badges for his own badge label, Button Badge Pin, (resulting in a set of System Error badges), and his latest book – out in April 2016 – The Story of Emoji (Prestel) was designed by Stereohype founders, FL@33 (see also book-related badges: Emoji Series).

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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items