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As a one-man design army Zeptonn creates artwork that ranges from illustrations, T-shirts, wall-decals, skateboard graphics, wallets, posters, bags and sticker sets to magazine and book design. Self-taught illustrative designer Jan Willem Wennekes studied both Artificial Intelligence (2002) and Philosophy (2006) at the University of Groningen. His working space is part of Studio Pats, a collective studio in the lovely town of Groningen, the Netherlands. This is where he likes to draw, sketch, think, eat, drink lots of coffee and generally, has fun. Zeptonn enjoys working on a variety of projects such as illustration, character design, toy design, identity design and editorial design. He is also fond of collaborating with other artists, as for his recently released book Black & White Freedrawings. He is also part of the artist collective known as the Black Rock Collective. Some of the things that are important in the world of Zeptonn are: critters, monsters, colour, wacky stuff, simplicity, complexity, sketchbooks, street art, skateboards, fairtrade, eco-friendly, music, coffee, T-shirts, boardsports and philosophy.

External links: zeptonn.nl / freedrawings.nl

Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items