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Mark Adams


Mark Adams is a Manchester-based photographer specialising in colour landscape photography. His research takes the form of photographic projects that examine the relationship between landscape photography and broader societal issues such as urban regeneration, surveillance, the environment and ecology. Mark's work also explores pastoral representations of Britain for the purpose of critique, and as an ongoing interest in the relationships between romanticism and topography in landscape photography. His work questions romantic notions of landscape as harmonious and timeless and presents unmediated images, which allow the viewer to read the landscape as a map or a text – an inscribed surface that contains multiple layers of meaning. He has worked on many commissions in the publishing industry, published in international journals in addition to exhibiting prints in the United States, England and Europe. During his study at the Royal College of Art, he received the Chris Garnham Memorial Prize for Photography. He is represented by Millennium Images and Arcangel Images, and lectures in Photography at the University of Bolton.

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Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items