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Currently all sold out, we do occasionally release limited edition print runs. So keep your eyes peeled for news on the T-shirt front.

All garments were released by our Stereohype label, two in collaboration with Laurence King Publishing and all but one was designed by design studio FL@33. T-shirts are all high-quality cotton garments that were screen-printed in the UK. From squirrels to speech bubbles, rabbits to dogs, ducks to telescopes – Stereohype's T-shirt motifs include a selection of our most popular button badges such as FL@33's Optimist Series and Richard J. Kirk's Sorry I'm Late but also support T-shirts, Stereohype's various squirrel motifs and numerous other, often whimsical artworks. While the few remaining items from our back catalogue were printed on garments by various different respectable T-shirt manufacturers, all our more recent releases were printed on American Apparel T-shirts that are guaranteed sweatshop-free.

All our T-shirts come with a free button badge – either theme-related or a randomly selected surprise badge from Stereohype's growing collection.

Showing 1 - 38 of 38 items