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Alexander Egger


Originating from an Italian border area Alexander Egger is interested in limits, boundaries, open systems, cultural diversities and social interactions, conflicts, points of contact and friction. Likes to play guitar on a 15V amplifier in his living room watching at the same time TV without sound. Has plenty of useless knowledge about a lot of things nobody is interested in. Loves the phase between sleep and alertness when thougts and images come to one's mind from nowhere in a half aware accidental order compounding to strange combinations. Reads usually 4–5 books at the same time and in a fast rotation. He is working in different media on a range of cultural and commercial projects for either very small and very big clients. He recently edited and published the zines series Everybody get out of the pool and the monographs Satellites Mistaken for Stars and Tomorrow The Future Will Be Different Than Today. He is working among other things on a sound project experimenting with guitar cable manipulations and on a book about the communicative potential of banal everyday reality. His work has been published in international magazines and books and he had his work exhibited in every continent except Antarctica.


Showing 1 - 18 of 18 items