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Yay – we are open in July! A break from our hiatus. Let's try this!

Temporarily open again throughout July to slowly test and tweak our new Lyon-based warehouse. After a period of temporary hiatus, closing the online boutique for some time and merely displaying a Hiatus Maintenance Mode, we are trying to tweak Stereohype's operation with new shipping from the EU.

So please note – unless otherwise agreed prior to wholesale, contributor and larger orders – we will from now on ship from Lyon, France. To avoid Brexit shenanigans we can arrange for larger orders to UK stockists for example to be shipped directly from our UK-based badge maker. Our core clientele is based throughout the EU however and they all benefit from the new shipping costs.

Come and say hi in London at our Illustrators' Fair stand #1 on 13 July 2024 inside the Granary Building (CSM), King's Cross, where our 1777-strong button badge collection will be available to browse and keep.

Showing 1 - 100 of 2826 items