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Button Badge Motif Print Series features selected designs from Stereohype's ever-growing one inch (25mm) button badge collection. The circular artworks are enlarged to seven inch (178mm) and printed on a beautifully textured paper (portrait, 8" x 10" / 203mm x 254mm). The print series will grow to be as rich and versatile as Stereohype's widely-acclaimed button badge collection that already features over 1,300 artworks by over 400 established and emerging illustrators, graphic designers, typographers, photographers and artists from around the world. Some of Stereohype's button badge motifs are clearly better suited to be enlarged and featured on a print than others, but many hundreds of designs will make amazing print motifs. More prints will regularly be added to this new Stereohype range. Each print comes with the according button badge.

Showing 1 - 100 of 194 items