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We would like to thank everybody for their submissions to Stereohype's 18th Annual Button Badge Design Competition.

This year we are once again pleased that so many previous winners and participants gladly accepted our invitation to become part of the jury panel. We love this about Stereohype as it helps build a little community – and a growing one with over 650 talents from around the world...

We were also over the moon to discover that our huge jury panel helped to get one of our persevering contributors over the line. One of this year's winners tried three times before and even made the shortlist in a previous year. Nothing we ever consider as part of our judging process but it just gets to show that enthusiasm and perseverance are key.

This is not the first time that happens so please do feel encouraged and try again next year, if you did not win. Winners are amazing but there is also a bit of luck and randomness involved. The stats say it all – our judges' favourites were all over the place – just the way we like it. Next thing you know lots of judges vote for an ape's butt and a uterus goddess. What's not to love?

458 (!) accepted entries by
126 accepted individual badge designers
46 (!) disqualified / non-eligible designs
17 judges / judging teams
60 shortlisted designs featured at
30 runners-up
30 winning designs
6 well-deserved winning sets of 4
6 well-deserved single badge winners
140 (!) received at least 1 vote
59 (!) were voted for as 1st choice winners once or more
10 were voted for as 1st choice winners twice or more
23 were voted for by 3 or more judges
54 (!) were voted for by 2 or more judges
86 (!) were voted for by 1 judge each
317 did get no vote

1st prize (single badge): Lucia Cerda
1st prize (set of 4): Maryam Hosseini
2nd prize (single badge): Angelina Gulina
2nd prize (set of 4): Anastasia Savvina
3rd prize (single badge): Jiani Liu
3rd prize (set of 4): Sofya Kulebyanova
4th prize (single badge): Reihaneh Mahdavi
4th prize (set of 4): Leila Badr-Azimi
5th prize (single badge): Alejandro Ovalles
5th prize (set of 4): Yulia Dubovitskaya
Special Stereohype Prize (single badge): Tatiana Furlan
Special Stereohype Prize (set of 4): Viktoria Samaysak


Congratulations also to all the runners-up who made the shortlist of 60! The 30 winning badges are now available to purchase. The others have not been produced by us but will stay online to give credit to everybody who scored enough points from our judges to make this shortlist.

A few words for runners-up, special mentions and participants:
Please do feel encouraged to submit new designs to our next competition (excluding those few who won with one of their designs). Runners-up – you scored a lot of points to have made it onto the shortlist and should be proud of yourself. Alberto Ghirardello, Alex Mu, Anastasiya Pletiukh, Angelina Vinogradova, Araceli Carmona, Daria Nekrasova, Dilyara Sherstobitova, Ekaterina Salovarova, Guillaume Gabriel, Jamie Grizzell, John Rooney, Maksim Jogin, Mariia Abramova, Max Maeder Star, Polina Bernadiner, Sam Tam, Stefaniia Patlai, Tina Jessica Anderson, Trinity Gritter, Viktor Aka Mohammad Mohammadi, Vladislava Utenko and Zoya Dubrovskaya.

The same applies to special mentions: Rostislav Nagovitsyn, Muhamad Ali Abedini, Katie Marshall, Alexander Osipov, Daria Pchelintseva, Elizaveta Frenkel, Mahak Rouhina, Nan He and Samira Pourkhalil – but also all other participants who submitted intriguing work. 140 badge designs did after all get at least 1 vote – and only 30 could win... Congratulations to all – you stood out from the masses! Please give it another try next year with fresh new designs to grab our jury's attention.

A big THANK YOU goes once again to the nice people from the judging panel who helped us so much – especially considering the large amount of entries we all had to consider in recent years!

Judging Panel 2022
Agathe Jacquillat / FL@33 and Stereohype, Anis Tabaraee, Anke Weckmann, Camille Whitcher, Emily Gosling, Gavin Lucas, Holly T Burrows, Jenny Haytch, John Dowling, Jono Sandilands, Linzie Hunter, Paul McNeill, Sarah Boris, Stefan Alexander, Steve Sadler, Team Grafikmagazin and Tomi Vollauschek / FL@33 and Stereohype.

Call for entries for Stereohype's annual Button Badge Design Competitions are launched several months in advance of the deadlines. Please keep your eyes peeled and subscribe to our newsletter to make sure you are the first to hear from us. To be safe please also follow us via Twitter (@stereohype, @vollauschek), Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.

Showing 1 - 60 of 60 items