Gift Box: 4 button badges (Vintage Cats)

Gift Box — B1600-3C20



This elegant matchbox-style gift box contains four designs from Stereohype's growing button badge collection – now available for the first time in this superb packaging solution. A rose-gold foil-blocked Stereohype mascot squirrel was hand-printed in the UK at the top of the gift box (outside dimensions: 75 x 72 x 16mm). Inside the beautiful matt black cardboard gift box is a black flock pad and badges are directly pinned into it. All Stereohype button badges available at are classic high quality one inch (25mm) metal back badges with so-called D-pin (although it looks more like an 'e'). Tiny stickers at the back of each button badge mention the artist, release date, series number, etc. Badges are manufactured with love and care in the United Kingdom.

This artwork is also available as Button Badge Motif Print.


4th Prize (Category: Set of 4)

Irina Nurenberg's Vintage Cats artworks were inspired by vintage photographs of the late 19th and early 20th century.

These artworks are by one of twelve winners of our 16th annual Button Badge Design Competition – selected from 601 accepted entries submitted by 181 individuals, studios and collectives.

Winners: Anke Weckmann, Bori Vajda, Alejandro Llamas, Savely Beloshapskiy, Kristina Kerstner, Maxim Morozov, Aleksandra Szwajda, Irina Nurenberg, Steve Sadler, Irina ChaitsynaMascha Keersmaekers and Susie Ghahremani.

Judging Panel: Agathe Jacquillat / FL@33 and Stereohype, Aimee Morris, Anis Tabaraee, Ben Herskowitz, Camille Whitcher, Donya Maghsoudlou, Gavin Lucas, Holly T Burrows, John Dowling, Jonny Leigh, Jono Sandilands, Joseph Dunkerley, Josie Kennedy, Laura Parker, Linzie Hunter, Maria Popescu, Marija Jurcikaite, Michel Martins, Neil Bennett, Nick Spence, Piotr Depta-Kleśta, Richard Horne, Roger Fawcett-Tang, Team Novum and Tomi Vollauschek / FL@33 and Stereohype.
Released: November 2020


Irina Nurenberg (Ирина Нюренберг) was born in 1994 in Voronezh – a city in Russia located 520km from Moscow and having about 1 million population. She began to study drawing at the age of five, attending various art studios. After the 9th grade of school at the age of 16, Irina entered the Voronezh Art School, where she studied Oil Painting for five years. In 2015, Irina graduated from the Voronezh Art School and in the same year entered the St. Petersburg State Academy of Art and Design. There she studies Graphics and Book Art. Currently, Irina is a sixth year student, and this is the last year of her studies. After graduation, she is planning to work as an illustrator.

External links: / @nurenberg_art

Created by: Irina Nurenberg

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