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We would like to thank everybody for their submissions to Stereohype's 15th Annual Button Badge Design Competition.

425 (!) accepted entries by
146 accepted individual badge designers
79 (!) disqualified / non-eligible designs
23 judges / judging teams
60 shortlisted designs featured at
30 runners-up
30 winning designs
6 well-deserved winning sets of 4
6 well-deserved single badge winners
165 (!) received at least 1 vote
69 (!) were voted for as 1st choice winners
20 were voted for as 1st choice winners twice
9 were voted for as 1st choice winners three times or more
33 were voted for by 3 or more judges
69 (!) were voted for by 2 or more judges
117 (!) were voted for by 1 judge each
260 did get no vote

1st prize (single badge): Donya Maghsoudlou
1st prize (set of 4): Maria Voichita Popescu
2nd prize (single badge): El Horno
2nd prize (set of 4): Bobbi Rae
3rd prize (single badge): Marija Jurcikaite
3rd prize (set of 4): ShallowLagoon
4th prize (single badge): Ben Herskowitz
4th prize (set of 4): Daria Gudkova
5th prize (single badge): Nic McGuffog
5th prize (set of 4): Piotr Depta-Kleśta
Special Stereohype Prize (single badge): Anis Tabaraee
Special Stereohype Prize (set of 4): Laura Parker


Congratulations also to all the runners-up who made the shortlist of 60! The 30 winning badges are now available to purchase. The others have not been produced by us but will stay online to give credit to everybody who scored enough points from our judges to make this shortlist.

A few words for runners-up, special mentions and participants:
Please feel encouraged to submit new designs to our next competition. Runners-up – you scored a lot of points to have made it onto the shortlist and should be proud of yourself. Arianna Dipollina, Boris Grimaldi, Christian Zelaya, Cristian Brinza, Derek McKechnie, Egon Forever, Irina Miller, Jessica O'Donnell, Katie Marshall, Kristina Kerstner, Lauren Gale, Melissa Crispin, Osnar Rengifo, Sahar Haghgoo, Sajad Safajooee, Stefan Alexander, Studio Trois Tiers, Tatyana Nikitina and Zahra Keramat.

The same applies to special mentions: Sevtap Sarica, Lijie Yang, Hannah Nelson, Andrew Pomocnik, Arutyunyan Karine, Dan Chapman, Sanvi, Marina Noskina, Andreas Panayi and Annarita Bianco – but also all other particpants who submitted intriguing work. 165 badge designs did after all get at least 1 vote – and only 30 could win... Congratulations to all – you stood out from the masses! Please give it another try next year with fresh new designs to grab our jury's attention.

A big THANK YOU goes once again to the nice people from the judging panel who helped us so much – especially considering the large amount of entries we all had to consider in recent years!

Judging Panel 2019:
Agathe Jacquillat / FL@33 and Stereohype, Aimee Morris, Aranza Serafin, Beren Neale / Computer Arts, Camille Whitcher, Caroline Roberts, Egon Swaels, Emily Gosling, Gavin Lucas, Holly T Burrows, Jonny Leigh, Jono Sandilands, Judith Cornejo, Julia Kahl / Slanted, Matthew John Oakley, Monika Mitkute, Neil Bennett / Digital Arts, Nick Spence, Team Novum, Paul Pensom / Creative Review, Robert Urquhart, Theo Inglis and Tomi Vollauschek / FL@33 / Stereohype.

Call for entries for Stereohype's annual Button Badge Design Competitions are launched several months in advance of the deadlines. Please keep your eyes peeled and subscribe to our newsletter to make sure you are the first to hear from us. To be safe please also follow us via Twitter (@stereohype, @vollauschek), Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or LinkedIn.

Showing 1 - 60 of 60 items