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Made with love on planet Stereohype!

PLEASE NOTE /// SUMMER BREAK /// We are on a summer break (to finally see family). All orders placed after 24 June 2021 will be processed and dispatched on or AFTER 1 September 2021. A 10% discount is in place. Please enter and confirm the 10% checkout voucher code NUTS10.

May the sun shine on all of us. Stay safe and take care, *:) Agathe and Tomi 8)

All garments currently available were released by our Stereohype label, two in collaboration with Laurence King Publishing and all but one was designed by design studio FL@33. T-shirts are all high-quality cotton garments that were screen-printed in the UK. From squirrels to speech bubbles, rabbits to dogs, ducks to telescopes – Stereohype's T-shirt motifs include a selection of our most popular button badges such as FL@33's Optimist Series and Richard J. Kirk's Sorry I'm Late but also support T-shirts, Stereohype's various squirrel motifs and numerous other, often whimsical artworks. While the few remaining items from our back catalogue were printed on garments by various different respectable T-shirt manufacturers, all our more recent releases were printed on American Apparel T-shirts that are guaranteed sweatshop-free.

All our T-shirts come with a free button badge – either theme-related or a randomly selected surprise badge from Stereohype's growing collection.

Showing 1 - 38 of 38 items