Gift Box: 4 button badges (Doodle LOL)

Gift Box — B1002-5C14



This elegant matchbox-style gift box contains four designs from Stereohype's growing button badge collection – now available for the first time in this superb packaging solution. A rose-gold foil-blocked Stereohype mascot squirrel was hand-printed in the UK at the top of the gift box (outside dimensions: 75 x 72 x 16mm). Inside the beautiful matt black cardboard gift box is a black flock pad and badges are directly pinned into it. All Stereohype button badges available at are classic high quality one inch (25mm) metal back badges with so-called D-pin (although it looks more like an 'e'). Tiny stickers at the back of each button badge mention the artist, release date, series number, etc. Badges are manufactured with love and care in the United Kingdom.


1st Prize (Category: Set of 4)

These artworks are by one of twelve winners of our tenth annual button badge design competition – selected from 593 accepted entries submitted by 156 individuals. Exceptionally this competition called for hand-drawn doodles only – all created in the gallery space of the anniversary exhibition Stereohype 2004–2014.

Winners: Jonny Leigh, Letitia Liu, Yu-Ying Chen, Holly Amber Allen, Modesta Kalkyte, Alexia Moriaux, Elliot Freeman, Anna Schmidt-Hansen, Lucy Price, Jemma Mallorie, Adam Peerbaccus and Chris Niemyski.

Judging Panel:
Agathe Jacquillat / FL@33 & Stereohype, Angharad Lewis / & Upsideup, Cynthia Bataille, Darren Firth / Occupy, Emily Gosling / It's Nice That, Gavin Lucas, Holly T Burrows, Jenny Haytch, Jono Sandilands, Lydia BlancoMarina Mijatović, Nathan Gale / Intercity, Neil Bennett / Digital Arts, Nick Spence, Paul McNeillPaul Pateman / Pâté, Richard J. Kirk, Sara Cunha, Sarah Boris, Timothy Hunt and Tomi Vollauschek / FL@33 & Stereohype. Released: May 2015


'I developed an interest in Art at the age of 5. I spent a lot of my childhood watching cartoons, and it was this act that piqued my interest in Art as the way these pictures came together to create something that, to me, had life was the most compelling thing. I became very interested and wanted to be able to do the same as the creators of these cartoons, which was to bring life to my characters and entertain a mass audience. I currently finished my Art and Design foundation course at UAL and I'm moving on to the Animation Course at University of Hertfordshire. I hope to work in such studios, possibly Pixar or Studio Ghibli, and apply my knowledge to bring entertainment or even bigger – a whole new trend of Animation.'

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Created by: Letitia Liu

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