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All Stereohype button badges available at stereohype.com are classic high quality one inch (25mm) metal back badges with so-called D-pin (although it looks more like an 'e'). Tiny stickers at the back mention the artist, release date, series number, etc. The growing collection of these mobile mini canvases – featuring over 1,600 individual designs by over 600 international graphic designers, illustrators, photographers and artists – consists of all B.I.O. (By Invitation Only) contributions, winners of Stereohype's annual button badge design competition and additional series such as the special collaborations: AFOMFS SeriesMICA Series, 10x10 Series and Emoji Series. Badges are manufactured in the United Kingdom.


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Subject: Re: URGENT FUN PROJECT /// Invitation to collaborate /// Please RSVP Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2014 15: 04: 18 +0100 From: Daniel Eatock <daniel@eatock.com> To: Tomi Vollauschek, FL@33 <tomi@flat33.com>
Hello Agathe and Tomi
For both the poster and badge – Take the other 9 contributions/submissions and using Photoshop form one composite image by layering all designs at varying levels of transparency so one element from each poster is visible. No other change or manipulation should be introduced, ie. no scaling or cropping.
Reference: Composite Fly Poster, Composite Print, Show Invitation, How Very Tokyo, Jérôme Saint-Loubert Bié Posters


Daniel Eatock was born in 1975 in Bolton, UK. He currently lives and works between London, São Paulo and Norway. A graduate of London’s Royal College of Art, Daniel served on the design staff of the Walker Art Center before returning to England to work with clients including Channel Four Television and the Serpentine Gallery. He is an accomplished graphic designer and applies his former vocation skills to art-making. Embracing his design roots, his practice subverts strategies of communications, rational problem solving and formal design/un-designed methodologies. Daniel uses invitations (such as FL@33 and Stereohype's 10x10 brief), opportunities and chance circumstance, actively seeking, embracing and responding to the coincidences and contradictions encountered in everyday life. In 2006 in collaboration with Jeffery Vaska, Daniel developed the ubiquitous website portfolio platform, Indexibit.org. In 2008 Princeton Architectural Press published Eatock’s monograph Imprint.

External links: eatock.com / indexhibit.org

Created by: Daniel Eatock


These 10 button badges are the beautiful contributions by 10 designers, studios, artists and illustrators who were specially commissioned by Stereohype to form part of the 10x10 Poster/Badge Anniversary Series. The series consists of 10 A1-sized posters that each come with its corresponding one inch/25mm button badge – all inspired by the number 10 and/or 1,000 and/or 10x10. Button badges either mirror or compliment the according poster design. This series was created for the 10th anniversary exhibition Stereohype 2004–2014. The 10x10 contributors are: Alan Kitching, Daniel Eatock, Deanne Cheuk, Geneviève Gauckler, Ian Wright, Michael C. Place / BuildRichard J. Kirk / Manikato, TwoPointsVaughan Oliverv23 and Stereohype-founders FL@33. Released: September 2014

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