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Button Badge — B0750B12



All Stereohype button badges available at stereohype.com are classic high quality one inch (25mm) metal back badges with so-called D-pin. Tiny stickers at the back mention the artist, release date, series number, etc. The growing collection of these mobile mini canvases – featuring over 1,700 individual designs by over 600 international graphic designers, illustrators, photographers and artists – consists of all B.I.O. (By Invitation Only) contributions, winners of Stereohype's annual button badge design competition and additional series such as the special collaborations: AFOMFS SeriesMICA Series, 10x10 Series and Emoji Series. Badges are manufactured in the United Kingdom.


Taxidermy Bird Eyes — The imagery for this Intercity badge series has been taken from a project the studio did in early 2012 for Brighton-based record label Concrete Plastic. With a brief that included a reference to the 1982 science fiction film Blade Runner, Intercity came up with the idea of photographing the plastic bird eyes used in taxidermy – a direct reference to the scene in the film where an owl’s eyes flicker with a red tint, indicating that it is artificial. The orange taxidermy eye seen here (taken from the Blixaboy Intro to Futro EP cover artwork) is that of a Snowy Owl, and the yellow taxidermy eye (taken from the Blixaboy Futro City album cover artwork) is that of a Sparrowhawk.


Founded by former Creative Review art director Nathan Gale, Intercity is a graphic design studio with a network of collaborators from the worlds of art, design, photography, illustration, digital media and beyond. Intercity applies its highly creative and considered approach across a range of areas including editorial, music, branding, fashion and advertising. As well as producing high-end graphic design, the studio also specialises in live art projects, exhibition curation and event organisation. Nathan also runs his Art & Sole blog – named after his book on sneakers of the same name.

External links: intercitystudio.com / artandsoleblog.com

Created by: Nathan Gale / Intercity


Selected international designers, illustrators and artists were invited to submit designs for this one inch (25mm) button badge series. Stereohype sells B.I.O. (By Invitation Only) Series 12 badges separately and gives them away as a free surprise badge with selected Stereohype T-shirts. B.I.O. Series 12 includes artworks by Agathe Jacquillat / FL@33Daniel Cantrell / The Horror, Dominic Le-Hair, Evelin Kasikov, Jack Curry, Jarrik Muller, Karin von Ompteda, Lee Basford, Marion DeucharsNathan Gale / Intercity, Simone LiaTomi VollauschekFL@33 and Von Dauer. Und Huck. Released: October 2012

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