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All Stereohype button badges available at are classic high quality one inch (25mm) metal back badges with so-called D-pin (although it looks more like an 'e'). Tiny stickers at the back mention the artist, release date, series number, etc. The growing collection of these mobile mini canvases – featuring over 1,500 individual designs by over 500 international graphic designers, illustrators, photographers and artists – consists of all B.I.O. (By Invitation Only) contributions, winners of Stereohype's annual button badge design competition and additional series such as the special collaborations: AFOMFS SeriesMICA Series, 10x10 Series and Emoji Series. Badges are manufactured in the United Kingdom.


Tamar Moshkovitz aka Go-Tam was born in 1979 and has been drawing since childhood. She graduated the Visual Communication department at Wizo College of Design, Haifa in 2003. Tamar lives in Tel Aviv and works as a freelance designer, illustrator and animator using a variety of methods and techniques. She works with a variety of clients including TV channels, web companies, post production studios, magazines, newspapers, books publications, fashion and toy design. Sometimes she even finds time for her own projects and art exhibitions. Tamar is one of the creators of Plushood plush dolls and animation shorts with her partner Shlomi Schillinger. She has also been teaching illustration and design in various colleges in Israel since 2007. She adores toys, animation films, gelatin food, cats and stupid stuff in general…

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Created by: Tamar Moshkovitz / Go-Tam


Selected international designers, illustrators and artists were invited to submit designs for this one inch (25mm) button badge series. Stereohype sells B.I.O. (By Invitation Only) Series 10 badges separately and gives them away as a free surprise badge with selected Stereohype T-shirts. B.I.O. Series 10 includes artworks by Al Heighton, Catherine Dixon, Cristina Guitian, FL@33, Gregori Saavedra, Lawrence Zeegen, Nazario Graziano, Stefan G. Bucher, Strange Attractors Design, Tamar MoshkovitzThom Lambert and Unfolded. Released: September 2011

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