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All Stereohype button badges available at are classic high quality one inch (25mm) metal back badges with so-called D-pin (although it looks more like an 'e'). Tiny stickers at the back mention the artist, release date, series number, etc. The growing collection of these mobile mini canvases – featuring over 1,500 individual designs by over 500 international graphic designers, illustrators, photographers and artists – consists of all B.I.O. (By Invitation Only) contributions, winners of Stereohype's annual button badge design competition and additional series such as the special collaborations: AFOMFS SeriesMICA Series, 10x10 Series and Emoji Series. Badges are manufactured in the United Kingdom.


To me badges need to be iconic. Their history combined with their small size creates this need to be iconic, direct and dynamic. Because of all these things I wanted to put a lot of thought into how I approached these images. I title this set ‘The Bad Apples’. They act as kind of a descriptive nametag. They say the first step to recovery is admission; I think when we acknowledge our flaws we make the first blow against them. So I am always the first to admit I am a bad apple.


Andy J. Miller is an American illustrator, trained graphic designer, music dabbler / enthusiast and creative director of many side projects. Passionate about all things aesthetic, stylised and conceptual, Miller wants to bring love of all creation into one even flow.

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Created by: Andy J. Miller


Selected international designers, illustrators and artists were invited to submit designs for this one inch (25mm) button badge series. Stereohype sells B.I.O. (By Invitation Only) Series 8 badges separately and gives them away as a free surprise badge with selected Stereohype T-shirts. B.I.O. Series 8 includes artworks by Allan DeasAndy J. Miller / Koma Design, Allistair Burt / Alburt, Anja GerscherBálint Egyed / Voov, Fiona Hamilton / Soma Gallery, FL@33, Greig Anderson, Heiko Hoos, Jan von HollebenKarin Kloubert / April Mediengruppe, Madeleine DubaPeter Crnokrak / The Luxury of Protest, SupersentidoMike and Katie / TADO, Tom Würzburg, Yuko Michishita. Released: September 2009

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