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All Stereohype button badges available at stereohype.com are classic high quality one inch (25mm) metal back badges with so-called D-pin (although it looks more like an 'e'). Tiny stickers at the back mention the artist, release date, series number, etc. The growing collection of these mobile mini canvases – featuring over 1,600 individual designs by over 600 international graphic designers, illustrators, photographers and artists – consists of all B.I.O. (By Invitation Only) contributions, winners of Stereohype's annual button badge design competition and additional series such as the special collaborations: AFOMFS SeriesMICA Series, 10x10 Series and Emoji Series. Badges are manufactured in the United Kingdom.


The Vice Versa button badge set consists of three designs based on the idea of rotation (a so called 'ambigram') and reflection. Form follows ideas. Show your versatility. Vice Versa badges express your thoughts, as positive or negativethey might be. The word 'Love' magically transforms into the word 'Hate' when seen in a mirror and vice versa.


Rachel Pfleger is a French graphic designer with an established career in book design. After graduating from Ensci-Les Ateliers-Paris Design Institute (École nationale supérieure de création industrielle), she freelanced in Paris for several clients in various areas such as publishing and identity, exhibition and product design before moving to London where she joined Black Dog Publishing in 2006. She is now leading designer in the team.

External link: rachelpfleger.com

Created by: Rachel Pfleger


Selected international designers, illustrators and artists were invited to submit designs for this one inch (25mm) button badge series. Stereohype sells B.I.O. (By Invitation Only) Series 5 badges separately and gives them away as a free surprise badge with selected Stereohype T-shirts. B.I.O. Series 5 includes artworks by Agathe Jacquillat / FL@33, Andy Smith, Birgit Simons, Darren Firth, ÉricandMarie, Holger KleinGonzague aka Alexandre Leonard-Dalissier, Kerstin Hlava-LandeckSamantha (Manti) Bohatsch / Less Rain, LotieLisa Olausson / Medium, Richard J. Kirk / Manikato, Rachel PflegerAnneAlex / Rude & RusitschkaTomi Vollauschek / FL@33Ronald Wisse / Visualdata. Released: November 2006

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