Design & Designer 039 book

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Design & Designer 039 – KRSN
Paperback with flaps
Colour throughout
Bilingual (English and French)
120 pages
150 x 160mm
ISBN: 2-35017-010-1
Published in 2005
Pyramyd Editions


Design & Designer 039 – KRSN, official blurb: An art director and illustrator, KRSN cut his teeth on the graffiti scene in the early 1990s. Without ever forgoing his aerosol sprays and Posca paint pens, he has developed a personal style shot through with dark irony.

Taking a novelistic approach, he combines illustration, graffiti and painting, drawing inspiration from everyday life to create characters made of fine, pared-down lines. KRSN operates at the intersection of graffiti, graphic art and illustration. Using a variety of supports – stickers, paper, walls, card, fabric – he compels attention with a personal style that is both disturbing and mysterious. Mutilated and disjointed characters begin their life at the ephemeral tip of his ballpoint, a favourite tool. Besides his artistic and other self-initiated projects, which take up most of his time, he collaborates with WAD and Clark magazines, and does illustrations for covers of discs released by the Institubes label.

Created by: KRSN / Jan Garet


Paris-based Pyramyd Editions has regularly been publishing monographs since 2002 featuring work by selected artists, graphic and product designers. These bilingual monographs form part of a series called Design & Designer. The books contain introductions and descriptions in French and English for the many featured project visuals. Each publication title has a serial number (such as Designer & Designer 033 – FL@33).

In some cases – especially within the first 25 of the series – a second and even third edition was published with fresh new content and a 'v.2' or 'v.3' added to the book title. Other titles go out of print and do not seem to be reprinted in the foreseeable future (such as Antoine+Manuel's book for example). At time of writing this text the Designer & Designer series already reached serial number 086.

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