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Fine Art Giclée Print — B1597C20-GA0516



Stereohype's Fine Art Giclée Prints are printed on super-elegant Hahnemühle German Etching Textured 310gsm. This is one of Hahnemühle's genuine artist papers, mould made, 100% acid free paper with an exceptionally smooth surface. This velvety heavyweight etching board has a fine surface texture. German Etching is one of the most popular media for artwork and photography. The paper is made of 100% cotton or pure alpha cellulose presenting a textured surface that allows high quality printing. Artworks are printed with archival inks – a ten colour ink set including orange and greens for vivid and long-lasting results.

Button Badge Motif Prints: 8" x 10" / 203mm x 254mm, certified at the bottom right with Stereohype embossed print series seal. Open edition. Unframed. Custom frame option available. Handwritten button badge motif number at the back of print. Optional wooden, custom frame, high quality, matt, white 'small alpha' frame made by our local Clerkenwell framer (see preview). Frame is made on demand.


Maxim Morozov's crown cork bottle caps are design interpretations and do not display real brands. Similarities to existing drinks are possible. Ситро—Russian soda with pear flavour. Radler—A low-alcohol traditional and most popular German beer cocktail. ラムネ (Ramune)—A Japanese soda with the taste of lime and lemon. Ginger Ale—A sweet ginger-flavoured drink particularly popular in the United States.

This artwork is a winner of Stereohype's annual Button Badge Design Competition and is also available as part of an elegant artist gift box containing 4 button badges.


Maxim Morozov is from Belarus. He was born in 1999. Maxim is studying at the University at the Faculty of Art and Design, and develops his personal style across graphic design, photography and illustration. His works so far include stickers, small comics, posters and book covers.

External links: @m.tailbone / @tstdtp

Created by: Maxim Morozov


Button Badge Motif Print Series features selected designs from Stereohype's ever-growing one inch (25mm) button badge collection. The circular artworks are enlarged to seven inch (178mm) and printed on a beautifully textured paper (portrait, 8" x 10" / 203mm x 254mm). The print series already includes over 400 artworks and will further grow to be as rich and versatile as Stereohype's widely-acclaimed button badge collection. The badge collection already features over 1,600 artworks by over 600 established and emerging illustrators, graphic designers, typographers, photographers and artists from around the world. Some of Stereohype's button badge motifs are clearly better suited to be enlarged and featured on a print than others, but many hundreds of designs will make amazing print motifs. More prints are regularly added to this only recently launched  Stereohype range. Each print comes with the according button badge. We also have an optional custom frame for Button Badge Motif Prints (as seen in previews). This wooden high quality custom frame is built with a matt, white 'small alpha' frame made by our local London, Clerkenwell framer. Frame is made on demand.

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